We are Inboxlab.

Inboxlab builds companies that revolve around the inbox. We are experts at growing email centric ideas into successful brands.

Our mission is to deliver educational and entertaining experiences directly from the inbox.


The Power of Email

Email is the most powerful tool brands have to engage with an audience. It’s more effective than social media, standard mail, texting, or even sliding into DMs (which we’re also fond of). Best of all, it’s not going anywhere.


There are 4.3 billion email accounts in the world, averaging 2.01 accounts per person.


Email is 40x more successful at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter.


Roughly 72% of people prefer for companies to communicate with them via email.


The ABC's of Inboxlab

When we’re building a brand, it all starts with the audience.

Identify Audience

Find a unique audience and determine what they want to receive in their inbox.

Create Brand

Develop an email-centric idea into a brand targeting that audience.

Build Community

Engage and grow the audience into a community via email marketing and data optimization.

"The inbox is the front page of your internet. It's the primary channel for communicating online and receiving information tailored to your interests.”

Nicholas Pardon, Founder of Inboxlab


Our Approach

Our expertise in building brands all comes down to data management. Through data insights, we’re able to better understand how to develop more meaningful relationships with our audiences. We strive to determine what our audiences want by looking at what they’re engaging with and building brands based on their interests.

Case Study: The Discoverer

We created The Discoverer after noticing increasingly high engagement in travel-related emails, but a lack of an editorial driven approach. Typical travel emails simply featured deals and link-outs to articles on popular destinations. We decided to target travelers interested in more unique destinations and local insight. The Discoverer is now a community of over 2 million travelers that receive our weekly editions. Each edition features a new destination and integrates socially sourced content.

Our Brands

From travel enthusiasts to cat lovers, Inboxlab targets communities driven by their passions. 
Check out some of our most notable brands:

Work For Us

Inboxlab wouldn’t exist without the team members that have worked to build our current portfolio of brands. So, we’re always on the lookout for top talent to help us grow our brands and break into new verticals. Take a look at our openings to see if you fit the needs of a role. We look forward to hearing from you!


Who We Are

Inboxlab is a global team of entrepreneurs comprised of the smartest, funniest, most wildly attractive and unquestionably modest individuals you’ll ever meet.


About Our Founder

Nicholas Pardon's first taste for the power of email came from a company he founded when he was 14, a community of teenagers with an impressive email list of over 1 million teens. Since then, he’s continued to use email as a method to grow every idea he’s ever developed. Instead of building businesses and thinking about how email can fuel them, he focuses on determining which businesses email can make the biggest impact on.